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Famous Anorexic Identical Twins Killed in Fire, Fulfilling Prophecy That They Would Die Together

A pair of identical twin sisters from Australia, who became famous through their battle with anorexia, appeared to have fulfilled their prophecy that their lives would end together, with both dying as a result of a house fire Monday night. Clare and Rachel Wallmeyer, 42, were killed after a fire consumed their home in Geelong,… Read More »

Fruit Fly Research to Inspire Drugs for Diabetes, Weight Loss

New research conducted on fruit flies promises a kind of drug that can fight diabetes and help people lose weight without exercising. Researchers studied how fruit flies (Drosophila) react to starvation. They found that fruit flies get hyperactive when food is unavailable. The hyperactivity occurs because an enzyme known as AMP-activated kinase stimulates the secretion… Read More »