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Community Garden Weight Loss: Gardeners Have Better Weight Than Neighbors And Siblings

Working in a community garden could mean the difference between obesity and healthy weight, a new study suggests. Researchers culled measurements of body fat and weight from community gardeners and non-gardeners and found that the gardners weighed less than their non-farming neighbors. It wasn’t just luck of the draw, either; gardners were shown to have a… Read More »

Is Food Addiction a Real Eating Disorder?

You may have heard in advertising slogans that food is addictive — once you pop, you just can’t stop — or, more seriously, in discussions of compulsive behavior like binge eating. But is food truly addictive? This week, Biological Psychiatry published a special issue exploring the question of whether or not food can be considered an addiction.… Read More »

Sore Muscles? Don’t Waste Money on Massage, Try Light Exercise Instead

After a demanding workout nothing seems to soothe those aching joints and muscles more than a relaxing massage. New research suggests that more exercise can be just as effective in alleviating soreness. Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) commonly occur after a long workout where muscle tissue has been has been stretched beyond what it’s accustomed… Read More »

Cuban Weight Loss: How Economic Crisis Helped Cienfuegos Drop Pounds And Ward Off Diabetes, Heart Disease Deaths

A country that rides out a gloomy economy together can lose weight together. At least, that’s what a new population-based study in Cuba shows. During the 1990s, Cuba experienced a massive economic crisis, which in turn, suprisingly, fueled massive drops in death associated with diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The study appeared online in BMJ, and measured the health… Read More »

Benefits Of Red Wine Don’t Apply To Overweight And Obese [STUDY]

Resveratrol escalated into medical stardom as the silent ingredient in red wine that promoted longevity. The compound was listed to benefit diabetes, dementia and cardiovascular disease, however a recent study from Denmark says the benefits are not included in the package if you are overweight. The study published in the journal Diabetes, showed that when obese… Read More »