Medical Definition of Axolemma

By | July 23, 2018

Medical Definition of Axolemma


the plasma membrane of an axonFor a short time after the passage of a nerve impulse along a nerve fiber, while the axolemma is still depolarized, a second stimulus, however strong, is unable to excite the nerve.

Richard S. Snell, Clinical Neuroanatomy, 7th edition2010

At these gaps called nodes of Ranvier, the plasma membrane of the axon (the axolemma) is exposed to the extracellular space for about 0.5 mm.

Eric R. Kandel et al., Principles of Neural Science, 4th edition2000


These observations are all consistent with the hypothesis that the axolemmal membrane is necessary for the injury-induced formation of substantial numbers of vesicles or other membranous structures.

Christopher S. Eddleman et al.The Journal of Neuroscience1 June 1998


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