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Why Stretching Might Be Bad For You

Stretching before and after working out has long been a given. But researchers now say stretching may not only prevent you from reaching your maximum strength during a workout, but it also could leave you more vulnerable to injury. There are generally two stretching techniques: dynamic stretching and static stretching. Dynamic stretching is ideally done… Read More »

Cash For Weight Loss? Workers Better Achieve Health Goals With Group-Based Incentives, Study Finds

America’s health care system continues to highlight the yin and yang of the human animal: intensely cooperative, intensely competitive. In fact, a new study finds that incentivizing workers to achieve cost-saving individual health goals works best in a competitive environment — with other people. Under the Affordable Care Act of 2010, U.S. employers providing health… Read More »

Researchers Develop Microchip Implant To Help With Weight Loss

Helping overweight patients drop pounds is an ongoing battle for doctors. With over a third of Americans considered obese — and either unwilling or unable to lose weight — medical scientists and experts are after the holy grail: an easy, inexpensive solution to weight loss. And they may be getting close: it was recently announced thatrResearchers from the… Read More »

Harvard Researchers Find New Weight Loss Option In The Guts Of Mice

Losing that extra weight can prove to be a daunting task for those who have been overweight their entire lives. Scientists may have stumbled across a new and easier option for dropping those excess pounds. Researchers at Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital discovered gut microbes in mice were altered after undergoing a gastric bypass… Read More »

Chewing Gum Study: Gum Chewing Doesn’t Contribute To Weight Loss

A recent study finds that chewing gum does not lead to weight loss, contradictory to what was previously believed.  It actually contributes to weight gain.The study published in the April edition of Eating Behaviors journal was led by Christine Swoboda, a doctoral candidate in nutrition at Ohio State University. “We were interested in seeing ‘Does… Read More »

Fruit Flies Fed Organic Food Flourish: Fertility And Longevity Rise

Organic produce conferred greater health benefits than conventionally grown fruits and vegetables, a study of fruit flies showed. Researchers at Southern Methodist University concluded that fruit flies fed a diet labeled “organic” performed better on health measures than the control, with greater fertility rates too. Organic potatoes, raisins and soy all conferred associations with significantly… Read More »

Eating Disorders May Be More Common Than You Think

One in 20 suffers from borderline anorexia, a subclinical condition five times as prevalent as anorexia and often undetectable, researchers said this week. Just as “borderline personality disorder” straddles the divide between neurosis and psychosis, “almost anorexia” occupies an often imperceptible grey zone between full-blown disease and merely fussy eating habits. Jennifer Thomas, a Harvard… Read More »

Could Genetically Engineered Tomatoes Be The Answer To Cholesterol Build Up?

Scientists have uncovered a possible new option in the fight against LDL or “bad cholesterol” build up in the human body. Researchers at UCLA have genetically engineered tomatoes to imitate the advantages of HDL or “good cholesterol.” The research team introduced the peptide 6F into artificial tomatoes and fed them to female mice that were… Read More »