You Can Have Your Cake and Lose Weight Too: New Line of Italian Pastries Raises Body Temperature to Burn Calories

By | November 19, 2018

You Can Have Your Cake and Lose Weight Too: New Line of Italian Pastries Raises Body Temperature to Burn Calories

Can indulging in cake help you lose weight?

Scientists have created a new range of Italian patisserie cake bars that they say are not only tasty, but will also help burn calories with every bite.

The claim, being made by start-up company Klever Kalories, based in the UK, says that the cakes contain a combination of their “secret blend of Klever ingredients” designed to help boost metabolism and burn more calories than usual.

They say that the ingredients used to create their Skinny Slice products are already found in some energy bars and shakes, including L-carnitine, guarana and green tea, which enhance metabolic rate by raising body temperature.

The slices contain between 110 to 150 calories and are available in flavors like coconut, vanilla cream, honey apricot and tiramisu, and have a recommended retail price of £1.39 or $2.17 a slice, trade magazine The Grocer reported.

The cake bars are “made by real Italian bakers using the freshest produce,” according to the company website.

Klever Kalories founder Saba Yussouf said that the cakes would satisfy a need for “high-quality foods that promote a trim and healthy physique,” according to the UK-based magazine.

“As a young, working woman with a sweet tooth, I understand the desire and effort required to stay trim but found that the low-calorie treats on the market could not satisfy my craving for an indulgent food,” she told the magazine.

However she added that it was impossible to determine how much eating the treats would help lift metabolism because “everyone is different.”

The company now plans to extend their range of products, which is being supported with press and sampling activity, into cupcakes, chocolate and chips.

However, nutritional experts warn that consumers should always look for evidence before buying products based on health claims.

“Unfortunately there is no ‘magic pill’ when it comes to weight loss,” public health nutritionist and Nutrition Society member Charlotte Stirling-Reed told the magazine. “The advice still stands to maintain a healthy, micro-nutrient rich and balanced diet alongside plenty of physical activity.”

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